Metro Exodus Making Of

The “Metro Exodus” trailer depicts all the richness of the universe which is already known from Dmitry Glukhovsky’s bestsellers and the previous titles made by Deep Silver and 4A Games. As a result, viewers are treated to a short film instead of a standard video game cinematic. Let’s have a quick look behind the scenes.

For the first time, the adventure takes place outside the underground tunnels and travels throughout post-apocalyptic Russia. The artists at Platige Image worked on the trailer for over 6 months in order to capture the atmosphere of the series in the most faithful way possible.

In the field of CGI, we are always surprised by many new ideas. Here, the most interesting concept which Tomek introduced was the idea of moving between different worlds, and travelling through time and space. Everything changes rapidly – the weather, the seasons, the locations. From a dry desert to snowy Moscow, from dark underground tunnels to underwater in the Volga River, and from gloomy basements to colourful meadows. Those transitions are the strongest points of our cinematic (Hubert Zegardło, CG Supervisor).

The man behind the cinematic wanted to use this short form both to faithfully capture the climate of the novels, and also to show the essence of Artyom, the main character, in the best possible way.

We needed to move around in an already existing world, in the uniwersum known from the books and games. However, the plot and emotional arc of Artyom is our own original contribution. He is an extremely alluring character – on the one hand being like Prometheus, stepping outside the metro to search for hope for humankind, and on the other hand a tragic and self-destructive hero (Tomek Suwalski, the director and screenwriter.)

More than 100 artists from Platige Image spent more than 6 months putting all these elements into one astonishing yet harmonious 4-minute story to create the cinematic for “Metro Exodus”, a title which has been eagerly awaited by millions of player from all over the world.