We are a 300-strong team of wizards in the world of moving pictures. Our directors, art directors, graphic designers, animators, VFX artists and producers are all able to perform wonders on both the big and small screen, contributing to the magic of cinema in the process.


Over our 25-year-long journey in film, we have built up an impressive portfolio of short animations, cinematics, commercials and feature films, with many of our titles known worldwide, such as Cathedral, Fallen Art, Another Day Of Life and “Fish Night” from Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots anthology series. At the same time, we have garnered numerous prestigious awards and distinctions, such as a BAFTA, an EFA, a Goya Award and SIGGRAPH Awards, as well as nominations for an Oscar, the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.