Soundly by Platige

The sound studio was set up in 2016 and, apart from advertising campaigns for renowned Polish brands such as T-Mobile, Carrefour, NC+ and Łaciate, its portfolio includes sound design for some of the world’s greatest computer game developers, such as Deep Silver, Smilegate, Bloober Team and Techland. The studio also collaborated with Netflix on the animated anthology Love, Death & Robots. In 2022, the sound studio launched its collaboration with regard to sound design for the first in a series of image campaign projects for XTB brokerage house.

Soundly by Platige belongs to the Platige Group, which is a paragon of quality, experience and the highest standards of operation. The studio got many awards and nominations such as the 2018 Hollywood Music Award for the Crossfire music and the Golden Sword KTR 2019 Sound Design for the Resident Evil Village animation. The key to our success is people – high-level experts.

The core of the studio’s team, which functioned as a part of Platige Image for more than 8 years, is formed by Sabina Pająk-Maciaś, Wojciech Chołaściński and Jacek “Dżeksong” Onaszkiewicz.

Sabina Pająk-Maciaś Senior Producer
A graduate of the Pedagogical University of Krakow with a degree
in political science. For the past twelve years, Sabina has been involved with
the advertising industry. She joined Platige in 2016 as a sound producer to
support the company in managing sound production for commercials, public
awareness campaigns, and animated content, for both domestic and foreign
clients, and oversee sound production for video game trailers.

Wojciech Chołaściński Sound Designer
Wojciech joined Platige Image in 2016. At Soundly, he’s
responsible for producing sound effects for animated content,
commercials, and special projects. His credits include SFX work for
the „Fish Night” chapter from Netflix’s animated anthology „Love,
Death and Robots”, sound design for the cinematic parts of the Roma
Musical Theater’s „The Pilots”, and SFX work for a number of trailers
for triple-A video game titles.

Jacek “Dżeksong” Onaszkiewicz Sound Designer
During his 25 years in advertising, he worked with well-known brands
such as Play, Opel, Skoda, BMW, Aldi, OLX, PKO, BEKO, Lotto, Wedel, Otomoto,
and Whirpool. He also worked on film productions, documentaries, feature films,
series, and animations. He is the leader and one of the foundersof the legendary
Warsaw group Immanuel and the initiator of KaCeZet & Fundamenty.
Since 2023, he has been Sound Designer responsible for sound post-production at Soundly.

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  • Comprehensive sound design based on numerous databases of sound
    effects, both simple and sophisticated
  • Musical composition in collaboration with acclaimed composers and vocalists,
    music created using both samplers and “live” instruments
  • Voice-over recording and dubbing for films, commercials or cinematics
    with the participation of many Polish and international actors and narrators
    from our internal voice database
  • Sound branding through developing a sonic logo, a brand musical theme,
    or a corporate song
  • Supervision of sound production from receiving audio footage from the set
    to the preparation of final broadcast mixes

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