Starting on May 14th, on our website and social media channels you can see some of our studio’s most important productions, access unique archives and take part in Q&A sessions with our artists. The series will conclude with the premiere of the renowned Miazmat, made by Klaudiusz Wesołowski. The Long Story Shorts series will be running until 25th June.

This newly-devised series is a natural step for us as we’ve been creating short animations ever since the studio began.

“Animated shorts are in Platige Image’s DNA. Since establishing the company, we have cared about – as well as creating commercial projects – giving our artists the freedom and possibility to express themselves. We are proud of the animations created in this way and their journeys around the most important film festivals,” says Jarosław Sawko, founder and chairman of the Supervisory Board.

“We would like Long Story Shorts to be not only a showcase of our most well-known productions, but also the inspiration for fledgling artists who are hesitating about whether or not to start working on their own short animation project. We constantly watch excellent pieces by young artists and we offer the best ones the possibility to develop their talent here at Platige.” adds Piotr Sikora, founder and vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board.

During Long Story Shorts, Platige Image will share seven animations divided into 4 categories: Imagine the Beginnings, Imagine the Vision, Imagine Other Worlds and Imagine New Forms. Each part is dedicated to a different moment in the studio’s development and, along with that, the work of different artists.

“Long Story Shorts was born in order to focus on the most recognisable projects made by Platige, while at the same time providing access to unpublished archive materials and enabling a dialogue to be established with the creators of short animations,” explains Karol Żbikowski, CEO of Platige Image.

The series starts on 14th May with Imagine the Beginnings – a part dedicated to the very start of Tomek Bagiński’s career and also of the studio itself. In this section, The Cathedral and Fallen Art will be the films presented, but besides these animations and the additional related materials, viewers will also get the chance to ask questions during a Q&A session on YouTube on 21st May.

The other sections which will be presented over the next few weeks are: Imagine the Vision, focusing on Damian Nenow, a member of the American Academy of Film Arts and Sciences, and showing his Great Escape and Paths of Hate; Imagine Other Worlds, with the animation entitled Teaching Infinity by Jakub Jabłoński and Bartek Kik and Kinematograph by Tomek Bagiński; and finally Imagine New Forms, with the premiere of Miazmat, directed and created by Klaudiusz Wesołowski.

Long Story Shorts can be viewed on our website at, and also on Platige Image’s Vimeo, YouTube and social media channels.

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