Czarna Polana Artistic project

The second part of the project, inspired by history of Żubrówka Czarna, is about the latest technologies, social media and omnipresent innovations. In new scene of “Black Clearing” artistic forces are represented by Muniek Staszczyk, Tomek Bagiński and Michał Łojewski and Platige Image team was responsible for post-production.

“Everyone has own nature and there is nature that everybody has” is the motto of the project. In the music video new technologies are in the foreground, as they separated people and the nature – both own one and the one around us.

‘’Black Clearing” is the space for dialogue, where various artistic fields and numerous artist meet. And their collaborations are essential for creating the masterpieces about relationships between humans and nature. The place from the title is a metaphor of space whete technology loses its power over the people, still being important and helpful part of live.

“Since the beginning Czarna Polana (“Black Clearing”) was the project connecting diverse worlds. For me it’s the place where personalities with various sensitivities and values mee. It’s the place of dialogue and collaboration. The second time in a row we connect atrists from different grounds, trying to create something brand new” (Tomek Bagiński, the creative producer and screenwriter)

The clip was directed by Tomek Suwalski. Dobro studio is responsible for the production of the music video and Platige Image took care of the post-production. Alkopoligamia crew, as part of Albo Inaczej project, Za produkcję teledysku odpowiedzialny jest dom produkcyjny Dobro, a za postprodukcję Platige Image. Za warstwę muzyczną klipu odpowiedzialna była ekipa Alkopoligamii w ramach projektu Albo Inaczej.