Happy Easter! 

They say we were born too late to discover new lands and too early to explore new worlds.

We’d rather believe that it all depends on our imagination. Unlock yours!

Visit the Easter planet with us – see the full CG animation created with Unreal Engine 5 by our talented Entertainment department and Platige Sound!

Happy Easter!




Platige Image Entertainment & Platige Sound

Platige Image Entertainment & Platige Sound

Supervisor, Director, Scriptwriter

  • Damian Misiura


Lead Unreal Engine Generalist

  • Adam Drzazga


Senior Unreal Engine Generalist

  • Adrian Klimczak


Junior Unreal Engine Generalist

  • Kacper Bartnik



  • Adam Rybarski


Senior Asset Artist

  • Michał Gościniak


Junior Compositing

  • Arkadiusz Gadaliński



  • Omar Santos


Art Director

  • Michał Niewiara


Matte Painting

  • Aleksey Pollack


Senior Generalist 3D

  • Paweł Wesołowski



  • Anna Stachowiak


Executive Producer

  • Justyna Supernak


Sound Design / Platige Sound

  • Wojtek Chołaściński


Sound Producer / Platige Sound

  • Sabina Pająk-Maciaś


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