SKY 3D Live Theater Musical

In collaboration with the Dutch production company Imagine Nation, Platige Image developed an innovative stage production employing 3D stereoscopy. “Sky” was the third theatrical effort developed as part of the 3D Live Theatre concept devised by the Polish company which is one of the elements content production strategy.

“Sky” was created by Robin de Levita, a theatrical producer responsible for numerous Broadway and West End plays; Kees Abrahams, a TV producer renowned for his work on “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” and “Take It or Leave It”; John Ewbank, musician and songwriter who worked with Lionel Richie and Armin van Buuren; and Marco Borsato, one of the most famous singers in the Netherlands. The set designs was developed by Boris Kudlicka, one of the most renowned set designers in Poland. A longtime collaborator of the Warsaw National Opera and director Mariusz Treliński, Kudlicka has also worked with numerous other distinguished opera houses across the globe, including Berlin, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Washington, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Bratislava, and Valencia. Piotr Sikora was responsible for handling production matters at Platige Image, while Rafał Sadowy served as director of animation and 3D stereoscopy.

The concept of 3D Live Theatre was conceived in collaboration with Janusz Józefowicz, during the development of “Polita”, his play staged in Poland, Russia, and Germany. Later, the concept was expanded during the production of “Romeo and Juliet”, another play helmed by Józefowicz, that was developed for the St. Petersburg theatre. A special unit inside Platige Image, called Platige Entertainment, was established to handle development of new technologies for live entertainment purposes.


  • Bobby Boermans
Production House
  • Platige Image
  • Piotr Sikora
Animation Director
  • Rafał Sadowy
Animation Producer
  • Agata Socha
Technical Producer
  • Marek Jankowski
Technical Supervisor
  • Piotr Dutkiewicz
Creative Team
  • Robin De Levita
  • Kees Abrahams
  • John Ewbank
  • Marco Borsato
  • Piotr Sikora
Scenic design
  • Boris Kudlicka
  • Sarah Miles
  • John Ewbank
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