The premiere of our showreel Art&Entertainment

The concept of moving pictures takes on a new meaning. We would like to present our new, stylized showreel, which is the compilation of works performed with the traditional means of artistic expression.

We’ve used the whole range of canvas, brushes, pencils, inks and aerographs, but also the knowledge about the history of art. Thus the ‘’Wonder Woman’’ prologue refers to biblical frescos by Micheangelo, the ‘’Total War: Three Kingdoms’’ cinematic revives the Chinese art of calligraphy and ‘’Paths of Hate’’ resembles the comic in motion.

The world of art has no limits and goes far beyond the museum and galleries. In stylized showreel, the Platige Image artists prove that the painting, the graphics, street art, calligraphy and the sculpture suits perfectly the art of movies and cinematics. The traditional artistic means serve successfully the new form of expression, but the goal remains the same – to delight, to intrigue, to make impression and to arouse emotions.

Watch our stylized showreel, in which we present all virtues of stylization, plasticity and the power of the art. We’ve taken advantage of them in making such movies as ‘’Animated History of Poland’’, ‘’Wroniec’’ and ‘’Another Day of Life’’, spots like ‘’Move Your Imagination’’ and cinematics for ‘’Ryse: Son of Rome’’ and ‘’Total War: Three Kingdoms.’’

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