Here come ’’Los Monsteros’’

”Los Monsteros” jump out of the creators’ heads into the screen. 3D animated characters, which will soon become the heroes of mass imagination, are ready to conquer hearts and minds of the viewers presenting themselves in new series trailer produced by Platige Image.

Haven’t seen anything like this neither on the silver screen nor in the global village. The animated series, which focuses on the most desirable thing of 21st century – the desire of fame – and does it in mocking way. Boni, Spray and Defian, as main heroes, do not think about anything else except gaining likes, clicks, shares, views and ordinary acceptance. In each episode they do their best to reach this goal. From running the culinary vlog through coaching and trying to become famous parents’ child as it is profitable source of fame to even creating the own religion The Monsterianism.

The series is satirical, but for many viewers it will become the modern mirror. We’re not talking about the one in which you can take a selfie, but the one, which reflects the chasing the celebrities’ fame and craving for media attention. This is the phenomenon dominating in life of the majority global village inhabitants.

,,Los Monsteros’’ series, directed by Aliaksandr Sashka Kanavalau, has 13 episodes. At present Platige Image is at development stage and looks for co-producers.

Director: Aliaksandr “Saszka” Kanavalau
Animation Producer: Sylwia Ślusarczyk
CG Supervisor: Adam Janeczek
Executvie Producer: Wojciech Stuchlik

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