The prize for Platige Image Museum Team

The Platige Image Museum Team finished on the podium in a recent contest to create a design concept for a permanent exhibition in Sobibór. The State Museum at Majdanek has just announced the results of the contest, with the artistic and museum experts from Platige Image taking 2nd place.

The aim of the contest was to prepare a project for an incoming exhibition at the Museum and Memorial Site in Sobibór. German Nazi Extermination Camp (1942-1943), which is a branch of the State Museum at Majdanek. The jury, headed by architect Piotr Lewicki, recognised the three best and most interesting projects. Second place in the contest went to the concept created by the Platige Image team, made up of Agnieszka Bujak (producer), Paweł Martosz (creative producer), Wojciech Cichecki (designer), Maria Majnusz (art director) and Justyna Majewska (consultant). The team worked in collaboration with Ralph Appelbaum Associates.

The contest was won by Jarosław and Barbara Kłaput from the company “Kłaput Project” s.c. in Warsaw.

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