Damian Nenow in jury of 59th Krakow Film Festival

59th Krakow Film Festival has its great final today. The winners will be announced at the evening ceremony. One of the jury members is our artist – Damian Nenow.

Krakow Film Festival is one of the oldest festivals in Poland. The first edition – as National Animated Films Festival – took place in 1961. Now, there are 4 contest selections: The Golden Horn goes to the best director in International Documentary Competition, the creator of the best short receives The Golden Dragon, and The Golden Heynal is an award in International DocFilmMusic Competition.

Moreover, the director of the best film in National Competition is awarded with The Golden Hobby-Horse. Damian Nenow from Platige Image is one of the jurors deciding who will be the winner here. Our representative is the author of well received shorts, such as “The Aim”, “The Great Escape” or “Paths of Hate”, creator of game cinematics for “Crossfire HD”, “Watchdogs 2” and many more and the director of “Fish Night” from “Love, Death + Robots” animation anthology at Netflix and “Another Day Of Life”, the Best European Animated Feature Film.

You can read the full Damian Nenow’s filmography here.

The first winner of the festival has already been revealed. The Dragon of Dragons Award for outstanding contribution to the cinematography went to Caroline Leaf, the precursor of new techniques of animation. In previous years this recognition went to such filmmakers as Sierghiej Loznica, Witold Giersz and Daniel Szczechura, Marcel Lozinski, Pritt Parn, Kazimierz Karabasz or Werner Herzog.

All the winners of 59th Krakow Film Festival will be revealad later today at the final ceremony held in Kijow.Centrum cinema in Cracow.

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