AUDI Q2 Infinite Line Of Possibilities

The Platige Image team contributed to the latest Audi spot. For this commercial, which focuses on showing limitless possibilities, our team had to use a special tool to give the impression of infinity.

To achieve this impression, we needed a special domino effect to make the key elements of the spot appear to be infinite, stretching all the way to the horizon. With just 5 vehicles and 5 actresses at our disposal on the set itself, our task was to make each of those elements appear unlimited. This was done with a technique known as Motion Control.

This solution is seldom used in commercials, although it can produce incredible results. And it also looks spectacular – a camera that weighs a ton moving around on rails at a speed of 6 metres per second. Before we could create the latest Audi spot, we had to make meticulous calculations and scrupulously check the necessary speeds. Then every shot required essential safety measures.

This solution employing unusual technology was one of the key features of the new Audi spot. A second was the director’s artistic idea of playing with colour, with every single prop being carefully chosen in order to construct a harmonious gradient. The people behind this incredibly artistic vision were director Mackenzie Sheppard and director of photography Oliver Millar, a duo with whom we previously collaborated on the short “Moth”.