Defect New Virtual Production project

We would like to present to you our first production made with the Virtual Production technology developed in our Platige Broadcast department. Our film aims to show the possibilities this solution opens up for us.

In this several-minute-long film, director Armin Kurasz tells the story of a girl who, as a result of a sudden and unforeseen defect in the space-time continuum, moves to a city from the future. Her seemingly ordinary, monotonous day suddenly changes into a sequence of unusual and unreal events. The role of the girl lost in time is played by Erika Karkuszewska.

“Virtual production gives us unlimited possibilities in creating a film world. It is a new tool that not only changes the approach to film production but also opens up new creative possibilities. Today, in a studio in Warsaw, we can create a film in a short time that previously would have required long shooting trips or months of post-production. Now we can create unreal cities, travel in time, to distant parts of the world or the universe. Additionally, the Virtual Set developed by Platige gives us the world-class quality that we know from such productions as Disney’s “The Mandalorian” series,” says Armin Kurasz, the film’s director.

Most of the shots were taken with the use of the Virtual Set – a LED wall displaying backgrounds rendered in real-time, perfectly synchronized with the sensor camera, while maintaining perspective consistency and impression of depth. This is the result of several months of work by our specialists from Platige Broadcast.

“Defect” is a joint work of talented filmmakers who joined forces with us to present the possibilities of the new technology. Apart from Armin Kurasz, cinematographer Michał Dąbal was also involved in the production.

“Working in virtual scenery means unlimited freedom when it comes to the integration of lighting, colors, time of day, or moving buildings into the frame. The possibilities are virtually endless, so it is very important to set specific parameters as if we were working in an “existing” location. It required close cooperation with the Platige Image team and even more involvement of all departments when it comes to pre-production preparations to achieve a credible effect” – explains Michał Dąbal.

The filmmaking process was not significantly different from a standard green screen production, except that a large part of the graphic work was done before the shooting even started. This had several advantages – the filmmakers could see almost the final effect already on set, and the postproduction stage was shortened significantly. There was no need to fix the reflections in the car or remove the green glow. The shooting itself took us only 1 day.

“Developing Virtual Set technology is a natural path for us. For years, Platige has been working to provide our customers with the best and latest technologies and deliver the highest quality content. Virtual Set is one of the pillars of our strategy for the next five years. Thanks to our international network, which we have built over the years, we hope to realize many interesting projects,” says Karol Żbikowski, CEO of Platige Image.