VFX workshop for Film School students

In our mocap studio we hosted senior year students of Cinematography Department at Łódź Film School. Platige Image experts introduced them with the art of VFX, the work of virtual camera and rules of collaboration between director, cinematographer and supervisor.

I had a little bit of insight into how motion capture works, but at the same time it is still different to see it in person – says Nils Crone, student art Łódź Film School – It still becomes different when you see it how it actually works, because the only way I had a contact with it was with behind-the-scene materials and stuff like that.

Director and CG Supervisor Kamil Pohl, Senior VFX Supervisor Mateusz Tokarz and Lead Previz Dominik Wawrzyniak were the guides for Film School students in the world of VFX.

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