Two awards for Platige Image at Ciclope Festival

Ciclope Festival has just finished and Platige Image artists are coming back with 2 awards in Postproduction category. The jury of the contest, which mainly appreciates the craft, rewarded Burberry’s “Close Your Eyes And Think Of Christmas” and game cinematic for “Metro Exodus” – “Artyom’s Nightmare”.

Burberry commercial won Silver for Color Grading. Spot “Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas”, directed by Juno Calypso, takes the viewer for a journey into magic world in company of Kristin Scott Thomas, Naomi Campbell, MIA or Matt Smith. The one responsible for unusual atmosphere of the Christmas commercial and its cold, minimalistic look is our colorist artist Piotr Sasim.

Read more about “Close Youe Eyes and Think of Christmas” spot here.

Our artist won also Bronze for “Metro Exodus” cinematic for Animation. The jury appreciated the disquieting, post-apocaliptic imagery and breath-taking action depicting terryfying nighmare of Artyom, the main hero. Ciclope award is the next distinction on our cinematic’s account. Recently, the trailer directed and written by Tomek Suwalski, has won one of the most prestigious award in the industry – animago award for Best Game Cinematic.

Find out more about “Metro Exodus” cinematic here

CICLOPE Festiwal is international conference and award ceremony honoring the craft and celebrating the art of moving pictures. In the last few years it has become the destination for directors, creators, artists, producers and experts of entertainment industry and the place where experiences, inspirations and storytelling trends can be exchanged and discussed.

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