”Total War Three Kingdoms Making-of” premiere

2 weeks of preparations and 2 months of work – creating the cinematic for “Total War Three Kingdoms’’ was quite a challenge. So all the more we are glad that we can share our experiences with you.

At first – it was necessary to learn by heart and remember all the names and surnames of characters. And they seem so similar, as each one sounds quite the same to the other. Just look – Guan Yu, Yu Bu, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Dong Zhuo czy Zhang Fei. When it was done, the next challenge appeared. The great, to be honest – giant, army must be created. To do so Platige Image had to make a special tool. Those are only 2 out of numerous difficulties that we faced while creating cinematic for “Total War Three Kingdoms”.

Now you can watch how our experts have dealt with other challenges. For example we though that we know quite a lot about martial arts, but it turned out that Japanese ones differ so much from the Chinese. Searching for ideal ink was also quite demanding, as well as putting emotions to the fight in which no one dies.

Watch the cinematic ”Total War Three Kingdoms”.

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