The feature film of ”Polish Legends Allegro”

This is not a fairy-tale – ,,Polish Legend Allegro” will be feature film. Allegro, Platige Image and Next Film have confirmed the beginning of works on the expanded version of the histories from well-known and adored by viewers universe of Polish legends.

“Polish Legends Allegro” have conquered the hearts of fans in 2015-2016. Then, web surfers have been awaiting for subsequent videos of the series: “Smok” (“Dragon”), “Twardowsky”, “Twardowsky 2.0”, “Operacja Bazyliszek” (“Operation: Bazyliszek”) and “Jaga”. Each one is the director masterpiece by Tomek Bagiński. He is the one who also takes over the reins of direction on the set of the feature film “Polish Legends Allegro”. Soon we will reveal more details!

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