Platige Image Presents Spectacular Showreel of Their Latest Commercial Masterpieces

Platige Image reveals cutting-edge commercial showreel: Żubr’s iconic spot, Poland’s game-changing 3D DOOH ad featuring Żabson, Conor McGregor’s high-octane XTB campaign, and an award-winning Aussie tourism animation take center stage.

A globally acclaimed Polish post-production studio is presenting a breathtaking montage that showcases its commercial brilliance across markets including the US, Australia, Poland, and beyond.

Platige Image has been involved in commercial production for over 25 years, since its establishment. The widely recognized and adored series of advertisements featuring Zubr serves as a notable example of the studio’s productions, which are highly valued by both audiences and professionals in the industry. The studio has an impressive portfolio of prestigious projects, catering not only to the automotive and food sectors but also encompassing fuel and electronics industries.

Magdalena Mikolajczyk was in charge of editing the Commercial Showreel 2023. The musical composition was skillfully crafted by Lukasz Moszczynski, while the Soundly by Platige team took on the responsibility of creating the sound effects (SFX).

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