Pilots – premiere at the Musical Theatre Roma

The premiere showing of “Pilots” took place on October 7, at the Musical Theatre Roma. Platige Entertainment realized digital sets and animations for the play.

In the words of Jakub Panek, a reviewer for Gazeta.pl: “Digital sets and animations by Kamil Pohl from Platige Image are more than theatre, they are a film-like entertainment on the highest level.” See the full review HERE (Polish only).

Executive Producer: Piotr Sikora
VFX Producer: Agata Socha, Urszula Łuczak
Production Manager: Karolina Czabaj
Animation Director: Kamil Pohl
Art Director: Michał Niewiara
CG Supervisor: Kamil Pohl
Production Coordinator: Karolina Czabaj

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