Our ”Crossfire HD” cinematic with prestigious award

We’ve got the great news form Hollywood – our ”Crossfire HD” cinematic has won Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2018.

Paweł Górniak, the music composer for Ubisoft’s game trailer, is he man behind such a huge success. His masterpiece was the best in Song /Score – Trailer category. Paweł found himself in prestige company, among the Hollywood first league creators as Alexandre Desplat and Max Richter. Now the big world career doors are wide open.

So far Paweł Górniak has created the music score to Polish production ”Listy do M 3” movie, to Jakub Grygier’s animation ”Empsillnes” and to video games and trailers, such as ”Allies in War” and ”Die for Valhalla!”.

The Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2018 is not the first recognition on account of young Polish composer. He has already got the Production Music Association’s trophy – The Mark Award, the prestigious FMF Young Talent Award and Young Composer Award, the distinction on Transatlantyk festival

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