Music from “Fish Night” animation performed live for the first time

The success of the short film “Fish Night” from the animation anthology “Love, Death and Robots” by Netflix is not only a fantastic story, but also perfectly matched music. On Sunday, June 30 at the Arena film&music Festival, you will be able to hear it live, move to the world of fantasy and experience the heat of the desert and the cool ocean breeze on your own.

This will be the first live performance of the “Fish Night” music composed by Paweł Górniak. As the composer says about creating the soundtrack for the animation: “We have wondered how to give the impression of the magic and depth of this ancient ocean. It turned out that the instrument called waterphone will be perfect here, creating the atmosphere of authentic water vibration in the metal vessel of the instrument.”

You will be able to heart it during the Sunday concert at The Arena film&music Festival, where the sounds of waterphone will begin the presentation of the “Fish Night” suite. During the festival an 80-person symphony orchestra of the Warmian-Masurian Philharmonic conducted by Paweł Sułkowski will present film music from Poland and the world.

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