”Museum 2030” workshop with Joanna Skorupska

The registration for Digital Cultures Conference 2018 has just begun. It’s the international meeting of creators and culture managers and among the guest there is a person, who knows everything about the future – Joanna Skorupska.

She’s designer with holistic approach, but designing focused on the end user is not the end of her activity. She invests unlimited energy into promoting innovation and sustainable development of design and popularizing Maker Movement providing children with skills of the future.

The curiosity pushes her forward contantly – she inquires how the things have been made and she dicovers how the world will look like. As a future strategist she will be the host of ‘’Museum 2030’’ workshop.

This is one of the program points of Digital Culture Conference 2018. During trhe workshops Joanna and the participants get to know the answer for the question on how the breakthrough technologies of tomorrow may influence the future experiences of visiting museums. ‘’Museum 2030’’ is to be an experiment with an attempt to create the alternatives for institutions of today. The workshops will end with prototyping and applying the concepted worked to reality.

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