Multikino and Fish Ladder created Family Goes To The Cinema campaign

The campaign promotes a loyalty card for children and parents. Families will not only get an offer designed for their needs, they will also be invited to the rich world of heroes and exciting adventures. Those will allow them to look behind the scenes of making a movie and meet a bunch of colorful, cinematic characters. There’s a deceitful director Maestro in this world and he has evil plans regarding Volta Karambol – brave student of the stuntman school. The only person that can stop him is Lens – a shy, beginning cinematographer – and his unusual sidekicks.

Family Goes To The Cinema is a fresh, innovative campaign for which Fish Ladder has created a complete, well-thought world packed with dozens of exciting adventures. Thanks to the characters living in this cinematic land every visit in the cinema becomes a great opportunity to meet a group of the coolest and wackiest friends.

Fish Ladder was tasked with the campaign’s creation. According to Tobiasz Piątkowski, studio’s Design Lead:

– The idea for Family Goes To The Cinema world and characters came from the desire to show how fascinating working on a movie is. From the beginnings of writing a script to the ends of postproduction – magic of the cinema is an effect of a very curious, dynamic process. Heroes of the campaign represent professions from the movie industry. Volta and the rest of the gang are more than just promotional mascots – they are personalities living their own lifes, accompanied by equally original favorites – nosy camera, trusted stuntman’s mattress and sneaky director’s megaphone. The youngest spectators get an invitation to the other side of the silver screen, straight into creative, vibrant world worth going back to.

Family Goes To The Cinema, the newest Multkino’s campaign dedicated to families, offers, among other things, cheaper tickets and a loyalty program, while the world designed by Fish Ladder encourages children to get interested in cinema.

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