Kampania Społeczna ,,Jeden Dzień – wart całe życie”

The ,,Jeden dzień – wart całe życie’’ (”One day – worth whole life”) campaign aiming to pay attention to important, but overlooked, problem of the young commiting suicides, has been launched. One of the campaign element is a spot created together by Platige Image, Havas agency , Dobro Production House i Zobacz… JESTEM! Foundation.

The campaign is to break the silence of the enormous problem of young suicides. Poland is 2nd in Europe when it comes to number of juvenile suicides. In 2017 almost 470 people which took their lifes, were under 24. Despite those alarming statistics, the subject is often underestimated and ignored with the conviction ”that’s not my case”. Aliaksandr „Saszka” Kanavalau, the director of the spot, wants to start the necessary public debate on the subject.

„The concept for the campaign emerged when I was working on ”The Monstersi”. The series is about stardom, fame and hate in Internet. I was reading a lot articles on the subject and I was scared of the size of the problem, the thrilling number of suicide attempts and suicides committed by young people. It’s the second death rate, after accidents, but almost nothing is said or done” (Aliaksandr „Saszka” Kanavalau, the director)

,,Jeden dzień – wart całe życie’’ (”One day – worth whole life”) campaign is not only to pay attention to the problem. The authors of the campaign and the experts of Zobacz… JESTEM! Foundation, want to find and share solutions together in order to lower the number of juvenile suicides.

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