Fast Cars, Futuristic City, and Virtual Studios Steal the Spotlight of Platige Image’ Latest Unreal Engine Showreel

Platige Image unleashes its spectacular showreel unveiling marvels of Unreal Engine from Epic Games. Get ready to be amazed by Aston Martin’s thrilling ride, breathtaking Christmas animations, and much more!

Ignite the power of Epic Games’ engine and witness the incredible visuals come to life! With this technology, you can go beyond just creating videos. Imagine showcasing live graphics using Augmented Reality at major sports events or adding dynamic studio commentary. And guess what? All of this mind-blowing content was featured in our latest showreel.

But that’s not all! In early 2023, Platige Image achieved the prestigious status of an Authorized Unreal Engine Service Partner. Our talented Polish graphic designers have taken this game-centric tool and transformed it into a game-changer for commercials, trailers, and even longer feature forms. The possibilities are endless, and we’re just getting started!

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