animago AWARD 2019 for our “Artyom’s Nightmare”

Platige Image artists, the creators behind the trailer for 4A Games’ and Deep Silver’s smash hit “Metro Exodus” won animago AWARD in Best Game Cinematic category.

The jury of prestigious animago AWARD appreciated the trailer for the latest part of “Metro” series and rewarded OUR short film with the title of Best Game Cinematic of 2019. The 4-minute long film is the effect of 6-month engagement of more than 100 artists. “Artyom’s Nightmare” trailer takes the viewers, not only recruited from players and game fans, for breathtaking journey, full of twists, layers and mysteries, the journey to post-apocalyptic world known form the novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Platige Image team made almost impossible – they won the award in category, in which nothing but masterpieces (cinematics for “Cyberpunk 2077” and “Outsiders: Director’s Cut”) were nominated. This is without any doubt the great success of the whole team and of every artist individually, which contributed to the final achievement. All of the team was represented at animago AWARD ceremony by Tomek Suwalski, director and writer, Daria Zienowicz, producer, Hubert Zegardło, CG Supervisor and Karol Klonowski, art director.

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