International Museum Day And Long Night of Museums

The Museum team of Platige Image has spectacular concepts for exhibitions and installations on its account and continually works on next projects.

Soon you will have the chance of visiting Pilsudski Museum and in a distant future the permanent exhibition in Polish History Museum. Right now at The Old Market in Warsaw you can see Museum of Warsaw for which we created the mapping projection on the walls of nearby tenament houses for the grand opening.

In our museum portfolio there are 2 famous projects in stereoscopy. The technique allows to create and enhance the illusion of depth and three-dimentional images. “City of Ruins” for Warsaw Uprising Museum and 3D projection of Jan Matejko’s ”Battle of Grunwald” were created with the help of this technique. Both projects are unique in the global scale and in spite of being created at the turn of the decade, they make spectacular impression even today, in 2019.

“Battle of Grunwald”
The challenge in this project for National Museum in Warsaw was to depict the details which are not visible on the picture. The masterpiece itself does not portray the historical scene – it is variation on the subject, full of allegroy and artist’s visions.

Watch “Battle of Grunwald” in 3D

“City of Ruins”
The project for National Museum focues on close details, on what is at your fingertips. In turn, the film for Warsaw Uprising Museum depits the world of aerial view, to be more precise – from the Liberator flying over the ruined Warsaw in the spring of 1945. The idea could have been moved to the screen after the opening of historical archives. The thousands of footage enabled to created such digital reconstruction directed by Damian Nenow.

Watch “City of Ruin”

You can also see “City of Ruins” in Warsaw Uprising Museum. Our artist and experts contributed to the concept of new cinema hall in the museum with their technology know-how.

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