Graduated from the National Film School in Łódź with a degree in animation and special effects. Has collaborated with Platige Image since 2004. Created several dozen ads in a wide variety of 2D techniques. In 2011, he founded Crunch Dog, an animation studio, where he created ads for brands including Algida, Cheetos, Danone, 7Days, Heyah, KFC, Mastercard, Milka, Nestle, Orange, Pepsi and Ssnickers. He also designs animation for television, cinema, the Internet and video games.

“No to sru!”, one of the episodes of the Heyah campaign he directed in 2010, received the Golden Eagle in the Telecommunications category at the Polish Advertising Festival and a Bronze at KTR Polish Advertising Festival. Currently, he’s directing “Wilq the Negotiator” an animated short slated to premiere in 2013. The movie is an adaptation of an issue of the “Wilq the Superhero” comic created by Bartosz and Tomasz Minkiewicz.