Moth Short

Hit new short by duo Mackenzie Sheppard and Oliver Millar features CGI moths created by Platige Image

The filmmakers duo created a dark and menacing atmosphere for their gripping metaphorical story based on the juxtaposition of an insect’s instincts with man’s addiction to technology. Platige Image, the Warsaw studio, contributed to the short by creating the hyper-realistic 3D moths.

We wanted to use the scale and helplessness of the moth as an analogy to humans. Like a moth to light, we all helplessly cling to technology for life support – without knowing the outcome. Moths find themselves in a similar state of overstimulation as we do. A state of overstimulation that eventually leads to a kind of techno-daze, which can even lead us to derealize, depersonalize and disconnect from the world around us. (Mackenzie Sheppard, director)

Moth is the joint work of director Mackenzie Sheppard and DOP Oliver Millar. The film was shot on 16 mm film in Tokyo, a city close to both filmmakers, and the issue of technological addiction is one that the director has taken up before. Sheppard’s previous short “Man In Phone”, telling the story of a hero forced to face the destructive power of his hi-tech addiction, won him the Young Director Award in Cannes. Oliver Millar has worked on many shorts and feature films, and he has a number of music videos to his name – including videos for Bjork and A$AP Rocky – as well as commercials, for Burberry among others.

We’re happy to be part of such interesting independent projects, especially since the moths that our Platige Image team created are a significant artistic element of the film. This was the second time that we have worked with Oliver Millar and we would like to have many more similar collaborations in the future. (Cezary Albinski, Head of CG Commercial in Platige Image)

The film got Staff Picked on Vimeo shortly after its official premiere.



  • Mackenzie Sheppard

Director of Photography:

  • Oliver Millar


  • Kai Sandy of Mothco



  • Mackenzie Sheppard

Director of Photography:

  • Oliver Millar


  • Kai Sandy of Mothco




Music Executive Producer:

  • Thomas Seuss

Music House:



16mm Film Scanning:

  • Peter Hagge and Norm Li



  • Remi Takenouchi



  • Kai Hoshino Sandy
  • Louis Rault Watanabe
  • Anam Sekiguchi
  • Nozomi de Lencquesaing
  • Mari Yamamoto
  • Mioko Thanzuiye
  • Kurumi


VFX Post Production:

  • PLATIGE Image

CG Supervisor:

  • Cezary Albiński

Executive Producer

  • Zicz

CG Producer:

  • Katarzyna Banasiuk


  • Artur Borkowski


  • Pawel Szczęsny


  • Piotr Borowski
  • Pavel Uliashka


  • Agata Staszczuk


  • Grzegorz Jankowski


  • Tomasz Dziedzic


  • Pavel Uliashka


  • Mariusz Seliga


Special Thanks:

  • Elena
  • Paulina
  • Mewa
  • Kurumi
  • Mioko
  • Louis
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