EXPO MILAN 2015 Production of Polish Pavillon at Expo 2015

WXCA-Platige cooperative forces took second place in the contest for Polish pavilion on EXPO in Milan 2015. This is the first project we have prepared together with architects from WXCA who have won the contest for Polish Military Museum project in Warsaw Cytadel, and Baltic Park of Arts in Tallin (Estonia).

Diversity and variety of polish offer was the base line to create the fair concept, that allow us to keep the integrity of the exposition, though to it’s many themes. We were inspired by one of the most popular polish booth – Sukiennice in Cracow. Their present state was shaped by Italy’s reneissance masters, that’s why our pavilion arcades are opened in all directions, surrounding the exposition gathered inside. This arcade, created by raising piece of material, is a welcome gesture, and an invitation to come inside. It creates family space in which Polish and Italian culture are being combined. This is the place of peace and rest where you can taste Polish cuisine. Feasting and spending leasure time in the structure shade is a great example of the local lifestyle.

59 projects was submitted for the EXPO contest.