Lamborghini Revuelto From Now On

Platige Image Creates Impressive Commercial Spot for Lamborghini Revuelto


Platige Image, the post-production powerhouse, has realized a visually stunning campaign for the latest offering from the iconic Italian marque. Produced by Karen Film and agencies Beyond the Line and Le Dictateur, directed by the gifted Alessandro Pacciani and filmed in sunny Spain, the two-minute  trailer for the Lamborghini Revuelto has set the automotive world ablaze with its breathtaking digital effects and cutting-edge artistry. Within a few weeks of its release, the clip has already garnered a staggering four million views from captivated internet users across the globe.

When handling high-stakes projects like this, Platige Image stands out as one of the few studios in the game that boasts the experience and TISAX® certification.

With the arrival of Lamborghini’s highly anticipated new model, the Revuelto, the automotive industry is abuzz with excitement. As the first new release from the legendary Italian marque in over a decade, this sleek and powerful supercar is poised to take the reins from the iconic Aventador. But what truly sets the Revuelto apart is its electric propulsion system, a first for Lamborghini. With a jaw-dropping 1015 horsepower and three electric motors in addition to its 6.5-liter V12 gasoline engine, this hybrid machine is a force to be reckoned with. And the response from consumers has been equally as impressive. Orders are already flooding in, ensuring that the Italian factory’s production plan is booked up for the next two years.

Platige Image crafted nearly 130 VFX shots for the Lamborghini Revuelto spot, with dozens of them created entirely from scratch using cutting-edge CGI technology. The end result is a stunning two-minute clip that boasts crisp 4K visuals and is sure to leave viewers spellbound. “We were involved in the project right from the start with the conceptualization phase through  location shoot, and post-production,” said Łukasz Dziedziński, VFX Supervisor at Platige Image.

This latest endeavor is just one of many high-profile projects to which Platige Image has lent its talents in recent years. From Aston Martin to Ferrari, Jaguar to Abarth, the studio has proven time and again that it has what it takes to meet the exacting demands of the automotive industry. “Working on projects like these requires a level of precision and confidentiality that few other industries can match,” explains VFX producer Wojtek Wesołowski. “We’re dealing with prototype models, meaning everything from blueprints to computer visualizations must be kept under lock and key until the big reveal.”

For the Lamborghini Revuelto spot, nearly 200 talented individuals collaborated to bring the project to fruition, resulting in a staggering 130 shots that are sure to take the viewers’ breath away. The production was nothing short of a logistical feat, requiring the creation of a futuristic laboratory and the temporary closure of a city street to capture the perfect moving shots of the vehicle. And with plenty of paparazzi on the prowl, eager for a snap of the latest Italian masterpiece, every precaution was taken to ensure that no spoilers leaked out before the big debut.

Alessandro Pacciani, the mastermind behind the breathtaking Lamborghini Revuelto spot, is a true visionary when it comes to blending live-action footage with stunning computer-generated imagery and a compelling cinematic narrative. His impressive resume includes commercials for powerhouse brands like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Nike, Samsung, and Google, as well as work on game cinematics like Dark Souls II. With numerous awards under his belt, including a prestigious Hollywood Awards nomination, Pacciani ranks among the greats of modern-day commercial filmmaking.

This isn’t the first time Platige Image has had the pleasure of collaborating with Pacciani, having previously teamed up with him on commercials for the likes of Jaguar and Abarth. And with the Lamborghini Revuelto spot standing as a true testament to their combined talents, there’s no telling what awe-inspiring projects this dynamic duo might tackle next. “Collaborating with Alessandro is a challenge in itself, as he is a creator who effortlessly weaves together dynamic, cohesive, and visually stunning spots, while also possessing expert knowledge of the post-production and digital special effects world,” said Wojtek Wesołowski, producer.

Heading the Platige Image team were Zicz, Executive Producer, Wojtek Wesołowski, a seasoned producer, and Łukasz Dziedziński, a highly skilled VFX supervisor.



  • Lamborghini


  • Alessandro Pacciani


  • Lamborghini


  • Alessandro Pacciani


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Creative Directors

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  • Federico Pepe


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Production Company

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Production designer

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Production service (Spain)

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Platige Image

Executive Producer

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Head of Production

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Head of CG

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CG Supervisor

  • Łukasz Dziedziński

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On-set Supervisor

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Audio/Video Technique – DI Support

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  • Cezary Musiał
  • Kamil Steć
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