The latest ad for Warka Strong (Żywiec Group) takes place on Planet Warka and focuses on the superhero brewer. The 30-second-long ad features the formula for the advertised beer, brewed from a mixture of two types of malts: Pilsen and roasted. Comical and lighthearted, the ad is something of an homage to disaster films and thrillers.


The weather at the shoot in South Africa was splendid, so in order to develop the required mood and atmosphere, we generated a stormy sky with simulated lightning strikes, cloud banks, and tornados. We created dozens of tornado models with different shapes and sizes in the process of establishing their final appearance and the dynamic of their movement. The windswept barley fields were created using a helicopter simulating powerful gusts of wind racing through the fields and raising malts that were subsequently roasted.

Another interesting element was the insertion of human characters into a mockup of an old brewery reproduced in a 1:10 scale. The effect was achieved through the use of motion control which allowed us to precisely reconstruct the movements of the actors and plan precise camera movements in order to ensure full consistency between the originals and doubles. This allowed us to work at maximum effectiveness on the set. In post-production, we added minute details and elements to the mock-up in order to boost its verisimilitude, such as scratches and marks on the beer tanks and signs of wear on the flooring.

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  • Grupa Zywiec


  • Havas Warsaw

Production House:

  • Papaya Films



  • Grupa Zywiec


  • Havas Warsaw

Production House:

  • Papaya Films



  • Marcin Filipek

Creative Director:

  • Marcin Mroczek


  • Michal Dabal


  • Mateusz Rybka





    • Paulina Machalica

    VFX Supervisor:

    • Cezary Albinski

    Lead Compositing Artist:

    • Rafal Sadowy


    • Piotr Popielawski


    • Piotr Sasim


    Matte painter:

    • Lukasz Nowicki


    CG Artists:

    • Miguel Antonio Fonseca
    • Pawe Lorenc
    • Magdalena Modzelewska
    • Piotr Ruszkiewicz



    • Lukasz Biernat


    • Szymon Wolski


    Rotoscope Artists:

    • Vesna Ostjic
    • Pawel Szczesny
    • AB VFX Studios


    Simulation Artists:

    • Dominik Dziubalski
    • Michal Firek
    • Michal Gradziel


    Rendering Artists:

    • Marcin Wasko
    • Zbigniew Tecza


    Compositing Artists:

    • Michal Beres
    • Lukasz Grzelak
    • Tomek Januszewicz


    Data Wrangler:

    • Michal Wlasiuk
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