Spontaneous Application – Mentorship

We’re glad you came to us!


Here at Platige, we are an imagination powerhouse filled with a tremendous amount of creative professionals who are occasionally looking for Young Talents (Mentees) in order to share their knowledge and support them in their early career stage. If you have no experience or are just starting in the post-production industry, this offer is for you. We encourage you to apply to us spontaneously.


In our Mentees, we appreciate their commitment, creativity, willingness to learn and positive attitude. Additionally, we are keen for you to get the most out of the Mentorship. Therefore, these work experiences are set to occur in a hybrid mode, including in our studio located in the green area of Fort Mokotow, Warsaw, Poland. We are looking for skilled programmers, artists, and designers. Please note that English at a communicative level is required.


At our studio, you can have the opportunity to join various teams, including Pipeline, Animation and Rigging, Setdress (Environment and Props Creation), Character Design, and R&D. We value authenticity, which fuels our imagination and energy, making our work truly special. We embrace diversity, care for one another, and share a solid commitment to our craft.


If you’re interested, please apply and submit your portfolio through the link below. After reviewing the applications, we will contact the selected candidates.


Hope to see you soon!


Spontaneous Application – Mentorship