Platige joins the forces with Lemonade Reps

Our studio begins cooperation with Lemonade Reps, an agency representing production studios, animation studios and special effects creators. Working together will allow Platige Image to strengthen its operations on the British market.

Signing the agreement with Lemonade Reps we are moving forward with our expansion plan. We have a long history of working with international clients and now we are planning to increase our focus on the European markets. The British market can be competitive, but it also provides the opportunity for dynamic growth. (Karol Żbikowski, CEO of Platige Image)

Platige, who are largely unknown in Britain, offers the UK commercials market a sensible and genuine alternative to some of the biggest post-production and VFX companies already established here. Platige’s offering, with their 200 plus strong workforce, is able to deliver jobs that are economically sound and efficient. That doesn’t mean they compromise on quality, their reels and awards are proof of that. On a personal level, the friendly Polish hospitality Platige offer in their day to day business will warmly be welcomed in the UK market. (Corin West, Managing Director of Lemonade Reps)

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