The current situation has made organizing events in the real world almost impossible and the tools available for them to take place online often leave a lot to be desired. Platige Image and Polsat Television now offer a solution which allows a variety of online events, such as awards ceremonies, new product launches, interactive presentations and conferences, to be conducted in the virtual world with the highest professional standards, regardless of where the presenters or participants actually are.

Platige Image and Polsat Television have come up with the solution to meet current needs with the Virtual Events project, which uses the latest technologies previously available only for television, including the innovative Vizrt system.

Modular space made to measure

At the client’s disposal – Polsat Sport Studio 700, currently one of the most technologically advanced television studio in Poland:
– floor space of 700 m2;
– 24 x 3.6 m video wall;
– full studio lighting;
– professional sound system;
– television cameras that meet the high image quality requirements of the television market;
– a greenbox for virtual sets
– VizEngine real-time engine that allows to control every aspect of the studio’s graphics;
– a spacious and multi-station director’s room.

Modern storytelling

What Platige Image and Polsat offer, however, is much more than just space. Virtual Events also includes comprehensive tools that will make every online event more attractive:
– a set of 2D graphics constituting the “core” of identification;
– 3D graphics in Augmented Reality;
– templates for dynamically supplemented “live” content;
– virtual stage design;
– a virtual window;h
– and even… teleportation to and from the studio!

How does it work?

These are only some of the possibilities offered by the Virtual Events project. Learn more and see how it looks in practice in this presentation prepared by Platige Events and the Polsat team.


Polsat Project Manager: Marcin Zdanowicz LINKEDIN contact
Platige Image Project Manager: Marek Jankowski LINKEDIN contact
Producer: Agnieszka Wójcik

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