Two mermaid sisters – Golden and Silver – swim out of the sea into Warsaw nightclub in what could be the 80ies. They are wild, beautiful, sexy and hungry for life. While becoming stars practically overnight, one of them falls in love with a handsome young bass player. This will question their sister bonds to the limit and will have to make often cruel and bloody choices

Jarosław Sawko and Piotr Sikora were co-producing the film, with Jakub Knapik as a VFX Supervisor.
A studio was responsible for preparing most of the VFX in the film.


Co producer

  • Jarosław Sawko
  • Piotr Sikora


Co producer

  • Jarosław Sawko
  • Piotr Sikora


Art Director

  • Jakub Knapik


Visual Effects Supervisor

  • Jakub Knapik


CG Supervisor

  • Seweryn Czarnecki


Visual Effects Producer

  • Elżbieta Trosinska


On-set Visual Effects Supervisor

  • Waldemar Woźniak
  • Adam Wierzchowski


Production manager

  • Katarzyna Jarzyna
  • Tomek Wachnik


Visual Effects Artist

    3D Artist, Shading&Lighting Artist, Compositing Artist

    • Seweryn Czarnecki
    • Andrzej Przydatek
    • Tomasz Przydatek


    3D Artist

    • Waldemar Woźniak


    Compositing Artist

    • Paweł Lorenc
    • Marcin Charlicki


    Data Wrangler

    • Sylwester Lipinski


    IT Support

    • Tomasz Zając
    • Łukasz Olewniczak
    • Piotr Getka
    • Jakub Dąbrowski
    • Krzysztof Konig


    Production Accountant

    • Anna Zegarłowicz
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