Family Goes To The Cinema is a fresh, innovative campaign for which Fish Ladder has created a complete, well-thought world packed with dozens of exciting adventures.
Thanks to the characters living in this cinematic land every visit in the cinema becomes a great opportunity to meet a group of the coolest and wackiest friends.

The campaign promotes a loyalty card for children and parents. Families will not only get an offer designed for their needs, they will also be invited to the rich world of heroes and exciting adventures. Those will allow them to look behind the scenes of making a movie and meet a bunch of colorful, cinematic characters. There’s a deceitful director Maestro in this world and he has evil plans regarding Volta Karambol – brave student of the stuntman school. The only person that can stop him is Lens – a shy, beginning cinematographer – and his unusual sidekicks.

The newest Multkino’s campaign dedicated to families, offers, among other things, cheaper tickets and a loyalty program, while the world designed by Fish Ladder encourages children to get interested in cinema.




  • Fish Ladder

creative strategy:



  • Fish Ladder

creative strategy:



    • Tobiasz Piątkowski



    • Tobiasz Piątkowski


    executive producer:

    • Marta Staniszewska


    concept artists:

    • Jakub Szczęśniak
    • Tobiasz Piątkowski
    • Maciej Rębisz


    2D artists:

    • Wiesław Skupniewicz
    • Ciurska Karolina
    • Maciej Rębisz
    • Katarzyna Lewandowska
    • Szymon Kuczmierczyk


    postproduction producer:

    • Katarzyna Kopczyńska


    CG supervisor:

    • Paweł Ruszkiewicz
    • Łukasz Kubiński


    CG production supervisor:

    • Mariusz Radomski


    3D artists:

    • Łukasz Kubiński
    • Waldemar Nalepa
    • Marcin Muszyński
    • Katarzyna Seńczuk
    • Monika Migdalska
    • Karina Zając
    • Krzysztof Opieka
    • Maciej Żuk
    • Zosia Onufruk
    • Ewa Oleksik
    • Jeremi Jędroś
    • Mariusz Majchrzak
    • Maciej Hrynyszyn
    • Magdalena Modzelewska


    sound production manger:

    • Justyna Pawluk


    voice actors:

    • Barbara Kałużna, Waldemar Barwiński


    • Michał Puczyński


    • “Beat Up”


    • Nick Fisher


    sound design and mix:

    • Wojtek Chołaściński

    theater version:

    • Michał Barycki
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