Contract with Piłsudski museum
RAA-WXCA-PLATIGE consortium sign a contract in The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, for creating a pernament exhibition for the Józef Piłsudski Museum in Sulejówek. Alongside Platige Image the consortium members are: an American company Ralph Appelbaum Associates –  world-class museum and exhibition design firm, and Polish architecture studio WXCA.

Platige has already been involved in many museum projects, including "City of Ruins" for Warsaw Uprising Museum, or "Battle of Grunwald 3D" for Warsaw National Museum. This project is another recognition for the studio’s work - Platige also won the contest for the pernament exhibition at Polish History Museum.

For this project Platige invited RAA to join forces for the exhibition competition and initiated the creation of the consortium. Conceptual and development work for Platige Image was led by Fish Ladder - a team responsible for special projects (recently for European Space Agency and Allegro).

The main idea of the exhibition is to tell the story of Józef Piłsudski, divided into six story-galleries. Five correspond with particular parts of the Marshal’s life and work, and the last one will show his historical legacy. The core concept of the exhibition will focus on Piłsudski’s life and moments important for his political career and Polish history. The highlighted parts will convene the story of a regained independence and the process of building a reborn, strong nation after the battles of first World War.

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