An epic battle awaits you on June 19th
Platige Image and Vivid Games have released their long-awaited trailer for upcoming next-gen mobile game "Godfire: Rise of Prometheus" finally revealing the title’s exact release date – June 19th 2014.

The game follows Prometheus who, having stolen the Godfire Spark in a bid to share it’s power with all of mankind must battle his way through a world where myth meets technology, with hordes of enemies and
giant, mythical creatures looking to end him at every corner. With visuals designed and created by Platige and powered by the Unreal Engine, unparalleled freedom in gameplay and customization,  "Godfire: Rise of Prometheus" is a truly next-gen title for mobile that is set to revolutionize the genre when it launches.

So far, Platige Image has been mostly known for its animations, cinematics, and special effects. This time around, we set out to push the envelope and step outside that familiar  territory.  "Godfire" is the first game co-developed by Platige. "Platige Image will be holding the scalpel that will shape this new incarnation of ancient mythologies. We decided to freshen up its image a bit, infusing it with our own visual content" - says Jakub Jabłoński art director of the project.

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